Monday, February 24, 2014

The (ALMOST) Last Basketball Post of the Season

CCS played WCA for the second time.  Alas, it was a hard fought game but the injuries stole the victory from the good guys (CCS).

Trevor was hurting so bad that he couldn't run and could barely shoot.  He had to give up playing half way through the  2nd quarter.  He needed to see his chiropractor.

T-Bob shooting a foul shot (#13 is Adin B.) He was the last starter to sit.
T-Bob played most of the game until both teams gave up making it competitive and they put the fifth graders in.   By the end of the game, the final player on our team scored.  SO everybody scored at least one basket this season.

The fifth graders were glad to get some playing time.

Here is the final score.

But wait this post isn't over.....  There was a Junior Varsity game that followed.  The JV team also was struggling with injuries, so they pulled up some of the Junior high players!

See, T-Bob got to play on the JV team.

He was under-sized, but he managed to hold his own.  He snagged some rebounds and even stole the ball a time or two.

The JV team didn't fare any better but T-Bob was glad to get the chance to play on the next level.  He sure was tired  by the end.  He played most of the Junior high game and then about half of the JV's game.  He sleeps well.  After a season of basketball he can now fit into Thomas's old suit for speech and debate.  All that running and playing was very slimming for him.

T-Bob and Thomas are looking forward to practicing basketball this summer and playing again next year.

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