Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday Ohio Style

Church parking lot on Super Bowl Sunday

 Super Bowl Sunday arrived in a white way.  Our parking lot at church is getting smaller and smaller as the snow piles encroach on the parking spaces.  Something that is never an issue in warmer climes.  

Our Chapel has AWANA earlier on Super Bowl Sunday.  We decided to eat lunch at church as we wouldn't really have time to drive home and eat and make it back before  AWANA started.  My niece stayed with us, as my brother had to go to work.

To entertain themselves, Elizabeth got my camera out and did a photo shoot with my niece and some others.

They went outside, without coats, to get the snow pictures.

The branches were lovely with all the snow lining them.  It was so beautiful.  Miss R.  reminds me of a cardinal in the brush. She likes the 'prairie' look.

 Thomas posed also.

Everybody worked on getting the food ready for the AWANA super bowl party.

The games included a touchdown celebration dance.  Dee did a great job!

Miss Sadie all dressed up in her cubbie uniform.

TaDa!  The party trays were ready for the hungry kids!  They enjoyed the warm pretzels with sauces and all the yummy snacks.  And this was BEFORE the game.  Ha!  We know how to celebrate in Ohio!  Bible lessons were done and verses recited in between all the fun and games.  We mustn't lose sight of our priorities!

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