Sunday, June 22, 2014

Father's Day on the Farm

This Father's Day was different than most.  Usually we enjoy a big dinner together at noon on Sunday.  This year, other plans had to be accommodated, so we had a 'meal' of appetizers and dessert.  Everybody seemed to enjoy it.

Michelle had to take it easy as she had an injured foot.  We were so amazed at how quickly the foot has healed.

Everybody sat around and visited while the kids went outside and wrote a 'play'.

Car and Sally started off the show by singing together.

They even set out chairs for the adults.  There was a tarp drying on a line, that they used for their stage.

Sally and Miss Pres. danced...

...and sang together.
They did really well.

The other kids hung out at the edges and laughed and watched.

Thomas joined the performance and did his presentation of 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin'.  He had it all memorized.  He was sensitive enough to move his performance off to the side so that the sun wasn't shining in his audience's eyes.

The Car guy sitting on a car, of course.

My Mom

My other Mom, also known as my DH's Mom.

Grandma and Car trying to see who could scare each other first, by yelling at each other.  Pretty funny.  Grandma won.  Everybody laughed!

Paul was the 'bad guy' riding around on the bike while the children chased him running and trying to catch him and put him in 'jail'.  It was neat to see little and big cousins playing together.

This is my Dad.  He is a very loving, faithful man.  I am blessed to have him for my father!

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