Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Family Celebrates the Graduate

A Flame Tree
High school graduations are not celebrated with parties here in the Philippines.  However, family and friends back home kindly sent cards and gift with T-Bob and me.   I kept them hidden until graduation was past and Fred had taken his last final.

Kitty is the head wrapper around here and was excited about helping.  She creatively wrapped some of the little gifts that weren't wrapped yet.   Then we had to decide what to do with the little gifts and the multitude of cards.   Kitty had a worn out shoe box and black paper, so she created the....

Our next dilemma was how to deliver the "Mysterious Black Box."   After discussing several ridiculous options, we decided to have the box be found prior to watching a movie.  

T-Bob sat back and enjoyed watching the surprises unfold.
One part of the surprise was even a surprise to Kitty.    A friend of ours made little prize rolls for each of our cousins.   Another friend tipped me off about how much my cousins enjoy Lucky Charms and how they can rarely be found (and always at a very high price) here.   So we put together the imported cereal and prize rolls into a family gift.   The gift bag was placed on the balcony behind locked doors.

We had an unplanned fix-the-couch group activity, so Miss H. was told to unlock the doors and get the bag.   She was tired and did just that, totally missing that the "Mysterious Black Box" was an unusual object in the drawer where the key is kept.

So we had an "open prize rolls" break to build the suspense of the "Mysterious Black Box."   
A big thank you to Dee for your thoughtfulness!

Kitty could not restrain herself and helped examine the tag on the box.

"What could it be?  I have enough shoe boxes."

She opened the box and the first card.   Then she realized what it was, "Awwwhh, am I going to cry?"
(I did catch this moment on movie for those of you who are interested.  That is why I don't have any pictures of the moment of realization.)

Reading cards.
In the middle of opening cards and gifts, Fred left and came back in with a thoughtful speech and a big hug for Miss H.   It was sweet.   

These hugs and speeches were going to be given after commencement if they were able.

Kitty followed his example.

Kitty made Miss H. a unique and special card.

Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma!

Proud parents.
THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making this evening a special surprise!   


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