Friday, June 6, 2014

Random Tidbits

After the first several weeks of our visit being full of end of the year school events, the middle two weeks have been less intense (once graduation was over).    School ending for everyone, sickness, and a summer schedule have contributed to the decrease in activity.  I have compiled various photos from this time to give a taste of what has been happening.

French fries aren't an automatic side for a burger here in the Philippines.   From my observation, most Filipinos prefer a ball of rice instead.

T-Bob and I have enjoyed getting to know this missionary couple during our time here.  They are the ones that do translation work.   They are currently in transition to move to an island further south in the Philippines, to learn a new language and translate the Bible.   Despite this busy time of wrapping things up locally and making plans, Mrs. Fleming has kindly given up several mornings to help show us around.

T-Bob getting "riding a motor bike" crossed off his bucket list.

One evening the Flemings came over for dinner.   Their son needed the car, so their only option was the motor bike.  I happened to be at their home that afternoon helping with exegesis.   So how did three people get from point A to point B with just a motor bike?  Well, Mrs. Fleming and I walked out to the main road and caught a jeepney to the entrance of our subdivision.  We started walking in and soon Mr. Fleming came behind us with the motor bike.   The two of us climbed on and off we went!  I was thankful that it was a short ride because the very back of a motor bike is slippery to sit on.  Riding a motor bike wasn't on my bucket list, but I still enjoyed the short jaunt.

A row of beautiful trees at school.

The last day of school my cousins were in line when the library opened to get a stack of books to read during the summer.  The whole family was glad to hear that the library will open up each Wednesday throughout the summer.

T-Bob bought a snack and chilled in the heat while the rest of us chilled in the air con. :)

Almost 6'4''!

To say that Fred was excited to see school end would be an understatement.  The day he took his last final we heard him singing at the top of his lungs as he opened the gate for my uncle to drive in.

 For those of you who are curious about the geometry marathon, the speed has slowed down drastically, almost to a stop.   It only comes out on days when there are no plans.

Rainy season is not here yet, but it is approaching.   We are thankful for the rain to break up the heat.

My quilt is back.   It is finished!!!  This quilt has quite a story which will be saved for another post.

Mom gave T-Bob a hair cut a week before we left, but he decided he needed it cut before we go home.   He always takes his business to the most local barber!

The final product.
Miss H. is trying to make the most of her short summer break.  This morning she and Kitty did a photo shoot.
We do have plans to do some sight seeing and go to the ocean.   Unfortunately I held things up this week and got sick.  I am thankful to be on the mend now and hope to be back to full strength soon.   Miss H. and T-Bob have stayed healthy the whole time.  Please pray that they stay healthy.

A view of Manila.

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