Monday, June 16, 2014

This Week in Review

The week started off with a graduation ceremony/service at church.  Different men shared advice and biblical truths with the graduates.  

At the end of the service all the men came up front and took turns praying for the graduates.  It was a wonderful service.

We have a very large hop toad that lives in the driveway or on the manure pile by the shop.  We see him frequently.  Nothing bothers him, not cats, dogs, or chickens!

Michelle and Thomas

Michelle has been busy putting together her stuff for her graduation party this weekend.  She has been looking at old photos.

Paul has spent several days on the tractor discing the fields and planting them.  He has been very diligent.  We have been very grateful for our neighbor loaning us his tractor.

Michelle is decorating in a 'shabby chic' style for her party.  She has been very busy with the spray paint.  Painting picture frames and putting together photo displays.

Making message boards with blackboard paint.  People need to know what the menu is!

Raiding the barn for old furniture that was left behind when the previous owners left and then painting it.

Elizabeth and Grandma M have been spending a lot of time on the front porch reading.  Elizabeth was pretty pleased that the cat likes her well enough to climb up on her lap.  Marbles seems to be gradually recovering from his fight in the barn.  For awhile I thought he might not make it.  He is an old man, at least 15 years old.  Some echinacea and egg yolk with fresh milk has him back on his feet. He was doing well enough to hunt down all the baby squirrels.  This left me with mixed emotions.  

My dear Mom-In -Law came to visit us for a month this past Wednesday.  She is doing really well for someone past 85!  She gets around well, and is still mentally very sharp.  She likes to read and do puzzles.  We are so glad she is able to come visit us on the farm!!!

The fishline strung between poles and around the outside of the garden seems to be working very well.  I have only seen one bird in there since we put it up. That was such a relief!

Here is what the seed mixture looks like that we are putting on the fields.  It is a blend of about 15 different seeds.  It has gone on very well, even using a spreader. (It is spread out on the floor like this thanks to a raccoon in the barn who was curious.)

Here is the compacter that we run over the fields to increase soil contact with the seeds.  The neighbor loaned us all the equipment!

The tractor.  We are racing to get done before the rain starts.  A storm is on the way.  All last week the weathermen kept predicting high percentages of rain, but we didn't get any.  The upside of that was that we were able to disc and get the seed in the field, the downside was that we did have to water the vegetable gardens.

Another beautiful week on the farm!

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