Monday, June 2, 2014

Miss H.'s High School Graduation

One of the planned and actual highlights of our visit was to be present to help in celebrating Miss H.'s  high school graduation.   Baccalaureate and commencement were split up between Sunday evening and Monday afternoon.   T-Bob and I were thankful to be able to attend both, but were disappointed that Fred and Kitty could not.  :(  Pink eye had invaded at just the "wrong" time.  

 Three men spoke at baccalaureate.   The first was my favorite.  He admonished the senior class to make it a priority in their lives to truly know God.

Two cousins with recent hair cuts.  Miss H. did mine. Didn't she do a nice job? Cosmetology class wasn't easy, but Miss H. overcame and excelled.

The next afternoon was commencement.   Miss H. walked in last with a few of her friends.  I teased her that it was because of the length of her last name, but she assured me it was random.

The only way to get a picture of her during the ceremony sitting with her classmates was when the class speaker gave his speech.

An excellent message on Ishmael and Judas Iscariot was delivered by the chaplain.    The title was "I-scar-riot" with the application to wait eight days and remember that God forgives, instead of acting rashly when things go awry.  It was quite interesting and thought provoking.

 A number of scholarships were given out.   

One of the recipients. :)

The rest of the ceremony was the traditional passing out of diplomas, a speech by the class leader, and a surprise class celebration.

Congratulations to Miss H. and rest of the class of 2014!

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