Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Three-Tiered Dishdrainer

 This post is a contest for my siblings and anyone who is interested in unusual kitchen equipment.

This is one of the first things I noticed when I walked into my aunt's kitchen upon arrival in my travel exhausted state.  Who wouldn't?  The next day I decided that I should send a picture to Paul as he is into this type of thing.   My aunt suggested I wait until it was full so as to show the drainer being useful.   I did wait and then I forgot to take the picture.  By the time I remembered Kitty and I realized how differently everyone stacks the drainer.   The reason such a large dish drainer is needed is because there are no dishwashers in the Philippines and no hot water.   All that means is that washing the dishes is a process.  My cousins and I feel like we spend a lot of time washing dishes even though we only wash a small percentage of the dishes.


#4 (minus the plates)



The people who participated were...

Aunt Mir
Miss H.

The meals we ate were...

Skyline Chili
Asian Orange Chicken/Chicken Soup

Your job is...

To guess which drainer goes to which meal and which person.
#5 Kitty, Tacos

You will earn points for...

Each correct answer you give with the possibility of earning a total of 12 points.

Your reward for having the most points is... 

Dried Mangos!  Hand delivered to you from the Philippines.

Please submit your answer in a comment below.  The comments will be published after the contest.   The deadline is 11:59pm (EST), June 18.

~JoAn & Kitty

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