Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy 50th Sis, and other Farm Activities

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 My dear sister has a birthday in October. This year was the BIG 5-0!  We wanted to help her celebrate so we had a surprise party for her. It was very successful as she wasn't expecting a party 4 months early!  Her family went mini-golfing and then she decided that she just had to stop at Walmart to get some pillows for her couch back in the Philippines.

We patiently waited back at my parents house and got everything set up and the food ready.  Then we waited some more.  

The guests had all arrived and were ready.  The cars had all been hidden, and we had a good time of fellowship while we waited.

Mir and Katrinka

Finally, the guest of honor arrived!

The meal could begin!  It was very yummy.  We had most of it catered from our favorite Italian place.  This restaurant is more than happy to accommodate gluten free diets.

We finished up the party with gifts and cards. It was a lovely evening!

Meanwhile, back at the farm.... It was turkey butchering time.  We decided to do a batch of turkeys that were ready in July.  A lot of people like turkey for smoking or barbecuing. We have also come to enjoy having our turkey cut into pieces and used together.  It is hard to beat a nice turkey breast (or two) roasted in the oven for a sunday dinner.  We love to have turkey legs stewed up in the crockpot.  There are just so many ways to cook turkey besides a whole roasted turkey for Thanksgiving.

This was another T-Bob and Elizabeth livestock raising project.  Pastured turkeys need to be moved on to fresh grass most every day.  That is an endeavor that requires faithfulness. I am always amazed at how much grass the turkeys eat as they graze.  You can always tell right where the edges of the fence were set up.  This year we charged $3.75 a pound for the broad breasted turkeys.  Someone thought that was expensive.  I explained to them that these were healthy birds raised outside on fresh grass and non-GMO feed.  Their fence and pen gets moved regularly and they get fed and watered several times a day.  Yes, if you compare the price to grocery store birds, it is more money, but if you raised them yourself, you would think it was an absolute bargain!!!  

(Incidentally, After all our Thanksgiving sales, we still have 3 broad breasted and 2 bourbon red turkeys in our freezer. Let us know if you are looking for a lovely turkey for Christmas.)

Every evening that I am home, I stop and watch the sunset.  It is a thing of beauty and reminds me of God's creativity and faithfulness!

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