Monday, December 21, 2015

Moving Into Autumn - Catch-up Posts Continue

This year was our 27th Wedding Anniversary!  On our 25th anniversary we bought the farm.  Life has sure changed since then.  This year we attained 27 years of marriage and our anniversary is on the 27th.  We are still hanging together.  It is amazing how God has worked in our lives and how He has changed us through the years.

This year we celebrated our Anniversary by going to a Bed and Breakfast, but we had our dinner at home.  The children prepared it for us.  What was truly special, was that almost all the food came from the farm.  The roast chicken was one of our broilers, the potatoes we grew ourselves, and the veggies also came from the garden.  The salad of sliced tomatoes and herbs came from the garden.  The carrot cake was amazing.  Michelle makes the best carrot cake I have ever eaten.  It is gluten free, and sooo good.  We didn't have enough carrots so Michelle found some golden beets in the garden and used those.  We would never have known if she hadn't told us. Interesting....

Elizabeth has always loved horses and this fall she has had the chance to take riding lessons with a friend of the family.  Liz was Michelle's debate partner several years ago.  She is also a horse lover.  Liz competes in riding competitions.  She and Elizabeth have become really good buddies.  

Liz won Austin, the horse, in an essay competition on why the previous owner should give the horse to her.  Austin is a thoroughbred, who wasn't quite fast enough to win on the race track.  He has converted nicely to a riding horse.

Elizabeth has gotten to ride almost every week this fall.  She has made real progress in her riding.  Liz also spends time teaching Elizabeth how to train a horse. She has her working him on a lunge line and has also taught her how to groom and take care of a horse.  Her lessons always end up being over two hours long.  She loves it.  She would like to someday learn to jump horses competitively. We will see.

The camp we go to in the summer, somehow got a picture of our family and used it on their brochure.  That was kind of cool!

In September, Maple arrived.  Michelle has always been the 'goat girl' and she really loves goats. Now she has a goat here on the farm! A friend of ours had to get rid of her because she kept going in the road and not letting the school busses past.  That is a problem in town.  She has been great for us.  She learned quickly to respect the electric fence.  Smart gal!  She is a wonderful milker and gives us lots of milk (over half a gallon) every day, and we only have to milk her once a day.  That is peachy!!!

Life on the farm is wonderful.  There is lots of work but there is so much peace and beauty.  I think I appreciate the peace and quiet more because of all the things to do outside.

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