Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Summer of Family and Food!

This is our big tom in our bourbon red flock.  He is a sweetie and he loves to hang out where ever the crowd is.  He came to most of the family picnics at the farm to see what was up.  Turkeys are intensely curious.

T-Bob working the grill

This was one of the family birthday celebration dinners in June.  Half our children have a birthday within eight days in June.

We enjoyed Lamb and beef kebabs and rice and washed it down with Izzy's. It was a pleasant evening on the farm.

June picture party, with ALL the grandchildren.

With my sister's family in town from the Philippines, we worked at getting together as often as we could.  We held our traditional June picture party at Mom and Dad's. For the first time in many years all the family was together.  People came from Boston, Texas, New York and the Philippines.  We took our traditional line the kids up in front of the house for a picture by age shot. It's no longer a stair step look.  It is very cool as we have this same set up taken in June for at least the last fourteen years.

Tessa and Elliott

The Great's were here.  They are truly adorable kiddos.

Here is the original family of four children.

Every set up is documented by multiple photographers.  It is like the attack of the papparazzi.

Here is my sister's family with the grandchildren and significant others.

Here is a picture of the Mango family.  They are all growing up so fast.

The brothers, Josh and Dan play with Tessa, a much loved niece.

Kirsten and Mir

The Car says that all is right in his world.

One thing our family does well is fix food!  We eat really well at our get togethers.  No one goes hungry and everybody can find things to eat, no matter what their dietary restrictions. 

JoAn and Paul were getting ready to go on their mission trip to Mexico later that summer.

Kirsten and Daniel

Josh and Tessa

We had to have another special family dinner that week as T-Bob turned 15!  He has passed me up in height now, which means that he is over 5' 9".

 The end of June, found us with some new arrivals on the farm, five piglets.

They started off much smaller than last year's piggies, but they have been much healthier and have grown like crazy.  No vet bills for them this year.

Thus, June, a very busy month, was finished.

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