Thursday, December 31, 2015

Life With a Goat

Maple, our French alpine goat arrived on the farm this fall.  A friend had to get rid of her because she kept wanting to confront school busses on their road. Michelle, has always had the nickname 'goat girl' because of her love and attachment for goats. She always dreamed about having her own goats and kids.  We found out she was available Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday evening she was on the way to the farm.

Maple is a wonderful milker.  She is easy to milk and gives lots of milk!  Michelle was already a pro at milking.  She was used to being milked only once a day and gave 3 quarts a day. Very impressive! She is very sweet tempered and affectionate.

She is very pretty.  She has to earn her keep her on the farm.  She helps keep the grass trimmed, gives milk, and even serves as a backdrop in photos....

Michelle did a photo shoot for my cousin's engagement pictures this fall. Had to have at least a couple with the goat.  Maple had to sneak a peek as to what was going on. (Actually, Goats do that funny movement with their head to move their food from one stomach to the next, our esteemed photographer just happened to get a very well timed cute photo.)

Our goat does have her moods.  One day she didn't want to be milked and so she knelt down in her milk stand.  We had to persuade her to get back up and behave.  Fortunately, this has only happened once. She only would hurt herself if she didn't get milked!

We are happy to have Maple on the farm!

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