Sunday, December 6, 2015

Summer Activities

This year we planted a large variety of potatoes.  There were yellow, purple and pink ones.  We definitely harvested more this year than last.  I don't think it was a great harvest, but we did get about 5x more pounds than we planted.  That's progress!  With a bit more care and learning we could make planting potatoes worthwhile. We deep fried them in our own lard  and they were delicious!

We had some very yummy meals out of the garden this year!  We love beets and try and eat them at least once a week year round.

Elizabeth and I had a mother daughter date and went to the Irish festival.  We wanted to see the Willis Clan, the Gothard Sisters and some others.  The festival was free to those 12 and under.  The guy at the gate gave us a really hard time when I tried to get Elizabeth in.  He thought she was older and really scowled at us when I insisted that not only was she  under 13, she was only TEN! Oh well!

Willis Clan

We had a great time together and the music was wonderful!!!

The children worked very hard to get a new rope swing up.  First, they tried climbing the tree and trying to throw the rope over the branch.  That was a little dicey and made Mom nervous, so they came up with Plan B. They attached a small string to a softball and then threw it over the branch. Then they tied a bigger rope to the little string and then they were in business.  The swing is in the middle of the yard surrounded by driveway and it gets lots of action. You gotta have a rope swing if you live on a farm.

This summer we made our annual pilgrimage to Greenwood Hills Bible Conference.  It is the sixth year in a row that we have gone. It is always a wonderful time of Bible teaching, fellowship and fun.

This year they had a Slip 'n slide down a hill one afternoon.  It was amazing how many people tried it. This sweet lady is in her 80's and she went down it about 10+ times.  I was amazed at how well she walked up the hill afterwards.  She didn't run and jump down she would sit up at the top and ask for a push.  Her dear husband kept saying, " Bea, remember that you are not so young and you will be sore tomorrow and I will have to help you. Can this be the last time?"  The other older men in the area watched with admiration at the spry wife he had. It was pretty entertaining.

 Bea was a missionary in French Guiana for many years and raised a large family.  She was a girls' counsellor at camp until she was about 82.  She is truly an amazing woman and I want to be like her when I grow up.

JoAn and T-Bob went down many times.  T-Bob got  a pink belly from reaching the end of the slip 'n slide and sliding onto the grass. Silly boy!

Here is T-Bob and Michelle belly flopping down the hill.  Everyone had a great time!

We love our time at Greenwood Hills!

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