Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Summer Time With the Cousins

 My sister and her family live in the Philippines and so we don't see them very often.  They were home this summer for a visit.  We really enjoyed our time with them and spent as much as possible of it together.  They left to go back in July, so they miss many of the holidays.

DH contemplates life

One thing we did was to try and have dinner together with their family every Thursday they were in town.  One week we had to celebrate Thanksgiving in July.  

Of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without Mom and Dad here.  We even served up one of our own bourbon red turkeys, they always make a meal extra special! We pulled out the Thanksgiving plates and put on the full meal, including gluten free stuffing made from cornbread and our own sausage as well as homemade cranberry sauce.  It was so yummy!!!

The two Besties- T-Bob and Katrinka
 We even pulled out the apple cider that we had in the freezer from last fall.  It brought tears to my sister's eyes.  Apparently, real apple cider is something that she had been really missing, and she was totally surprised that we had some stored away.

We made many special memories!

We also worked together on VBS (Vacation Bible School).  My sister's family was there to help out.  Josh rocked the headband look.

T-Bob and Aunt Mir working together in the craft tent

We needed all the help we could get as there was about 130 children there every day.  This was by far the largest VBS that our church has had in many years.  Probably only 30 of the kids go to our church.  

It was  real opportunity to reach out to the community.

The Besties always seemed to end up together.  They really enjoyed helping JoAn with the Pre-Primary class.

Josh takes a shot

A lot of days the cousins came back to the farm to hang out after VBS. The boys spent a lot of time working on their basketball skills.  

The girls usually ended up in the pond swimming.  Some days the weather was pretty cool (about 70) but that didn't stop them.  They still got their pond time.

Summertime on the farm is always a lot of fun, especially with cousins to hang out with!

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