Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Writings

Once again I assigned the children a writing assignment that involved them giving 6 random words and then putting them all in a hat and drawing them out. Each child then ended up with six words to incorporate in to their story. I have each child write at least as many sentences as their age. Their required words will be marked. The children had less than 20 minutes to come up with these'masterpieces'. Incidentally, Mr. Boots ws reading the book 'Million Dollar Words' while I was collecting their random words.

Chance's Story:

Once upon a time there were two brothers. Their names were Yoda and Luke. Yoda had a cat. Luke had a dog. They each had a toy bomb. Yoda liked to play tea with his little sister. They always used teacups. When they had finished it usually was night time. But before his little sister had to go to bed, they would go outside to look at the moon. In the morning they had cheese and bread with their pancakes buttered.

Michelle's Story:

A fifteen year old boy named Luke walked into the living room and flumped into the nearest chair. He was bored. He was very tired of Star Wars Legos. His cousin Thomas was so very obsessed with Legos, ostensibly. How could some one like Star Wars Legos that much? He could not stand even thinking of Lego's. So instead he studied his mother's dingbat. Why would someone name the tassels on the furniture that? "Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong" There went the doorbell. He went to answer it. It was two girl scouts trying to sell cookies. "Would you like to buy some cookies?" they asked him. "I would love to buy some, ostensibly" he said and went into the house. He then forced himself to go raid his mother's cookie jar. ostensibly that is.

Mr. Boots:

Crunch, the underbrush was ostensibly pushed aside. A Lion and a horse ran out followed out by Yoda, the master. They were all being chased out by a virago, who happened to be Yoda's mom. The running was out of this world. They were on a planet called Doll. Doll is a very desolate planet, that is lit by a giant candle. As they were all running away from Yoda's mom, they came across a nearly deserted village, where all the viragos live in solitude. They were a very primitive village. They had one form of communication, tell-a-woman. Yoda, his horse and his lion swung right. They picked up Speed, a very amiable cheetah, and ran on. They ran and they ran and they ran. In the distance Yoda saw the candle. Yoda's mom saw it too. It signalled the end of the chase. they would all stop running and eat the sausage gravy that was being cooked by the candle. If you ever see a lunar eclipse, it is probably breakfast time on Doll, a moon.

If you don't believe this tale is true,

Ask the blind man he saw it too.

Thomas Tale:

One day as I was watching a movie about dinosaurs and the Bible, I happened to glance over at the turtle cage. I saw that my turtle eggs had started to hatch. There in the cage was a beautiful newborn turtlet. One down and nine more to go, I thought. I ran downstairs to grab the video camera and let the others know. When I got back three more had started to hatch. Two hours and eight turtle eggs later, one egg remained. I was so disappointed. I went to bed, tripping over my plastic light saber on the way. As I went to asleep that night, I tried to think of names for the turtlets. I woke up the next morning feeling very happy. I immediately raced to the turtle cage and saw a little crack on one side of the shell.

"Mom,Mom", I called. Then my aunt, a virago type woman walked into the room.

"Why are you yelling so loud this early in the morning?" She demanded.

"My last turtle egg is hatching."

"Your Mother isn't home."

"Where is she?" I asked.

"Out shopping."

Five minutes later the turtlet had hatched. He was a brilliant tomato orange. I decided to name him Sparky. I developed a great bond with Sparky over the next few weeks. I played Dolly with him in the cradle, and adventurer in the sand box.

One day a terrible incident occurred. I was playing with Sparky on the mantel and suddenly my father's cutlass fell and pierced poor Sparky. I was so sad.

I have always hoped to find another Sparky, but have unsuccessful. If you ever find a blaze red turtle, let me know.

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