Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Blessing of Family

I am truly blessed to have a strong Christian heritage and to come from a loving family. We had a wonderful time at our family reunion this year. There were about 65 people. In the early days ( the early 1950's), there would be about 150 people come.

We have held it on the same Sunday at the same place for over 60 years! They had pictures there from the early 1950's. I saw my mom as a 15 year old. That was special as I don't have a lot of pictures of my mom growing up. I was surprised at how much Michelle looks like her. The only difference is that she is blond and Mom had dark hair. They have the same willowy build.

This is the 'old man's row'. The men sitting here have changed through the years. I remember when it was my Grandpa, Uncle Bricel, Uncle Merle, and Uncle Paul sitting there. Actually, I remember when the generation before them, my Great Grandpa Lambert and some of his siblings would sit there and watch the 'youngsters' play softball. Now they are all gone. It is a good example of how time marches on. Our existence here is so fleeting. We need to make sure that we have planned for eternity. I am thankful that so many in my family have known and loved the Lord Jesus.

One part of our tradition is that we always have games for the children with prizes. I remember doing sack races with my cousin's when I was little, and now my children are enjoying the same thing. This year they tried using plastic garbage bags for the sacks. This was not a good plan. The bags tore before the children had hopped more than three or four times. Then it became a running race.

Everybody brings food and we enjoy a nice dinner together. This year we were extremely heavy on fried chicken and desserts. It is so nice to see family. A reunion keeps one connected. This year we were blessed to have some of my mom's cousins come in from Florida, and several other distant states as well as my mom's brother from Saskatchewan, Canada. Some of these people we hadn't seen for 15 years. Yet, although they looked a little older*, we could pick up where we left off. ( We did have to introduce them to a few of the children that had been born since we last were here.)
*I, of course, look the same.
It was neat to see the old pictures and remember and honor those we love who are no longer with us. It is fun to find out what everyone is doing with their life. Some things are sad and others we rejoice at.

I am so glad that God created families for us to live in and be connected with. I know that not everyone has such blessing, but I thank God for all my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents, siblings, and close family friends that come.

Growing up, I always knew I was loved. As I grew older, I discovered the warts and imperfections in the family, but because of God's love, we are able to love one another. To know that one is loved by God and family is one of the greatest gifts any child can receive.

I am blessed that my children and nieces and nephews can grow up in this environment. It is special.

The young and the old (sorry uncle, but you qualify) and the yet unborn, enjoying family and fellowship.

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  1. Favorite blog EVER... I'm so very glad you can celebrate our family in such a grand tradition :-)