Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some 'New' Books

I recently stopped into a Mennonite resale shop. I checked out their picture books and found some keepers for $.50 each. They were all hardbacks. Here's what I found....

' The Wentletrap Trap' by Jean Craighead George. This one is a nice story about a family and a boy trying to catch a Wentletrap. I have written about Jean Craighead George before.

'Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May?' by Jean Fritz. Jean Fritz has a whole series of books with questions in their titles. They are about different American founders and American history. They are written for 2-3 graders.

'Walter Raleigh' by Ronald Syme. Ronald Syme is an author who writes about explorers. I have never seen any other topic addressed by him. His books are also written for 2-3 graders as read-alones. They are early chapter books.

'Swimming' by Leo Lionni. This is a picture book about a bunch of little fish working together so they appear to be a big fish. This would be a good read aloud to a child as young as 2 and a four year old would still like it. I never ran across this author/illustrator before.

'Chipmunks on the Doorstep' by Edwin Tunis. This is a great 'twaddle free' book about chipmunks. It would be nice to use with any kind of nature study. I think a 2-3 grader could read this book independently. Edwin Tunis is the author/illustrator. He has written a number of books about different types of vehicles, weapons, and American history. The other books are written for 4+ graders. If you ever see a book by Edwin Tunis, pick it up. They are very well illustrated with detailed pencil drawings. He gives a lot of good information in story form. My boys really like his books.

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