Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dallas the Guard Dog

We have now had Dallas for about 14 months. He is real close to full grown. He weighs about 45# and is tall and lean. He is a friendly pup and only gives rodents a hard time (and coons). We were all wondering what Dallas would do if a prowler came in the yard. Would he lick him to death or protect his property?
The children decided to run an experiment and asked a friend that the puppy had never met to come in the back yard through the front gate. Dallas noticed and started barking ferociously and came at him with his teeth. (Our friend said he felt the teeth on his arm, but there were no marks.) The children immediately called the dog off and he got quiet. They introduced Dallas to Will and everything was friendly. Will said that he would never have come in the back yard with that kind of greeting from a dog.
We were pleased to find out that Dallas will guard his turf. So if you are coming to visit, make sure that you get introduced to the dog before trying to come in the back yard, or breaking in the house. You might get more than you bargained for.

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