Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary Darling!

Now Friends, Don't get jealous, but I believe that I am one of the most blessed women on the planet. I get to spend my life with this man.
He is tall and handsome.
Gentle and Generous
He enjoys reading and studying the Word of God.
He encourages me in my addiction of collecting books!

He enjoys children and is a good dad.
(That's not our baby)

I have known him since he was a boy of 18. I have watched him grow spiritually and in character. I remember his very first sermon. He preached at Lake Geneva Chapel. He was so nervous. He held on to the stand tightly. Now he is relaxed when he preaches. He does an excellent job.
He serves as an elder at our church and I have seen him grow into those qualifications.

As a young man he was VERY quiet. He is still young, but now he is much more outgoing and is 'Mr. Hospitality'.

He is a good friend. He works at his friendships and maintains them for years. He stays connected to friends from his past. He is very loyal.

He is a good sport. He doesn't have to win at a game to be happy. The hair may be red, but he rarely loses his temper.

I thank God for my husband. I am truly blessed to be his wife.
Love you darling!


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