Wednesday, December 4, 2013

AWANA Christmas Party and the White Elephant Exchange

Our church has a Christmas party every year to say thank-you for to the teachers in both Sunday School and AWANA.  For those who don't know, AWANA is a program to teach boys and girls about Christ and to have them memorize scripture.  The party was early in December.  The first party of the season.

One thing our group does well is EAT!  Everyone was told to bring either an appetizer or dessert.  That is what we made our meal of.  There was no main course and nobody cared!  It was totally yummy!

Here is our hostesses plate.  The upper left corner is all salad.  Something healthy as well as fresh crudites and ranch dressing.  There is barbecued chicken pieces and wings as well as shrimp and she didn't even take one of everything.  It was so good!!

 Everybody was in a cheery mood.

This is the AWANA leader.  He kept the evening going and did the devotions.  The traditional activity at our Christmas party is a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Everyone is supposed to bring a gift for the exchange.  They are supposed to be things that you have around the house and can be silly or useful or whatever.  At the party everyone is given a random number and they then select a gift from the pile.  After the first person they can either take a gift from the pile or take someone else's gift.  The gifts can only be 'stolen' three times and then whoever has it gets to keep it the rest of the game.  If your gift is taken you get to either take someone else's present or unwrap a new one.

Josh had the most presents stolen.  This lovely glass bowl was taken from him.  

Mr. B.  Got this lovely leather photo album.  I got a used old cell phone cover for an old cell phone (you could tell by the size.)

 Little Avalei provided the entertainment as she crawled around and smiled everyone.

This fine leather coat was stolen several times before Jim got it.  The guy that brought it had outgrown it and it had a missing button (which was in the pocket). Jim put on a style show in his new jacket.  He took it from DJ.  DJ was very disappointed.

That is  because the  leather coat was replaced by this lamp.  He doesn't have much use for it.  Maybe he'll try selling it on eBay or just bring it back next year and pass it on.  That does happen.

Josh had gotten a present of homemade jelly.  He really liked it!  Alas, it was taken too.  Jenelle stole it.

Poor Josh, he had a router that worked and somebody stole that away from him.  Actually, I am not sure what he finally ended up with.  He was a good sport about it.

This is Christa, our beautiful hostess.  She is in the process of moving so next year we will be meeting at Karen's house.

One of our rules for the gift exchange is that no matter what you get, you can't leave it at the hostesses home.   That just isn't fair to her.  Haha.  We had a wonderful evening and great fellowship!

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