Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mango Christmas Photo Shoot- Out Takes

 It was once again time to take the family Christmas photo.  Michelle had it all planned out and had selected everyones outfits and positioning.  All I had to do was snap the pictures and make sure we had at least one with everyone smiling and with their eyes open looking generally at the camera.  Here's what happened....

We first took a practice set up in the barn where it was dry and a little warmer.  It gave us something to do while we waited for T-Bob to come out of the house.  He somehow missed the fact that we were taking pictures now.

First, you do it against the red background,

Then the white.

Then you have to take a break to wave at the neighbors.  Don't want to be rude and ignore them.

Back to a different pose.  This time with everyone lined up in order by age.

Then someone has the brilliant idea of taking a picture with everyone posed to throw a snowball.  Bad idea!  Paul, 21 very soon, couldn't resist smashing his snowball on Michelle's head.

Michelle turns to wing it back from very close range,

but Paul deflects it.

Michelle runs to reload.

Ready, Aim, FIRE!

oooops, hit the wrong person.  Poor Thomas was just standing there innocently smiling when he is struck on the head with a snow ball.

The snowball explodes.

Thomas's smile fades and is replaced with shock.

Meanwhile, Michelle reloads and the rest start laughing.

Paul decides to sneak away.  Thomas heads over to seek revenge.

Watch out Michelle!!  You better go hide Paul!

Alas, Thomas seeks his revenge on Michelle.  Poor Michelle!  All because she does not have an accurate throwing arm.  And life at the Red Barn Farm goes on.  Merry Christmas!

PS. Michelle went through all the photos and announced that none were satisfactory and so the shoot must be repeated.  More gray hair for Mama!

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