Sunday, December 8, 2013

Random Thoughts

Winter has arrived, even if it hasn't technically come by the calendar.  There is snow on the ground and white everywhere.  I really like it- usually, unless I have to drive on unplowed country roads.  Friday I was out in the country and the snow came pounding down.  I actually had to skip my last two patient house calls as the roads were so bad that I was afraid that I wouldn't make it home.  I was having to shift into first gear to make it to the top of some of the hills, and that was after changing my route to avoid the largest hills.  Ugh,  I was about the only vehicle on the road.  I did get home earlier because of it (about 9).  It was interesting as about 20 minutes from home the snow got a bunch lighter and the rest of the way was reasonably easier.  I had to leave yesterday morning at 6 AM to head to Columbus for a seminar.  A couple VERY busy days.  That's why there haven't been any blog posts.  I have been too crazy busy.

I love the fact that our house is warm despite the freezing weather outside!  I like the fact that the heat is FREE!  The other day the gas company called the house and wanted to know if I wanted to fix the rate I pay for the gas at 56 dollars  or whatever per unit.  I laughed as I interrupted the woman and told her that really that since we have a gas well, she was buying gas from me!  It was fun!

 Michelle and Elizabeth have been busy doing photoshoots of the bows for her facebook and etsy pages.

I love their creativity, and how they work together to get them done.  Michelle comes up with the ideas and Elizabeth follows her directions.

I think they came out so nicely!

T-Bob's basketball team had another game.  It was a very close and really exciting game.

This little guy (#11) was the difference maker.  He got hot and shot about 6 three pointers.  It was the difference in the game.  This was an away game.  This gym was super small.  There was only room for a single row of chairs on the side, and even then you had to keep your feet back or they would be on the court.

T-Bob got to play the whole game.  It was his first real game that he played in.  He did really well and I was proud of him.  He scored two baskets and got a number of rebounds.

The other team was quite a bit bigger, except for their two little guards.  The guys played really hard.  It was back and forth.  Trevor, our star player, fouled out with about a minute left in the game.

 The coach pulled the guys together and they made a comeback, however the final score was 38-35 we lost.  The team thinks it will be different when they come to our gym later in the year.  They aren't used to a lot of running on a full sized court.

One thing I DON'T like is the sound in your child's voice when they call you and you KNOW something is wrong!  "Mom, are you almost home?"  You know there's a problem!!  Alas, Michelle had sliced her thumb on the inside of a can.  It was nasty!  We were able to clean it up and get it glued together.  All was well. (Just be glad I didn't post the close up of the wound. You don't really want to know that much.)

 The girls had a good time going to a craft show on Saturday to sell their bows.  Michelle had T-Shirts made up to advertise her business.

Alas,  There was a very low turn out so sales were very slow.  It might have been due to the cold weather.  That was a disappointment, but everything is available on the website.  (go to Anna's page here...

Well,  now you know what we have been up to the last few days. Have a great week!

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