Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Basketball Times - Game 3

Yesterday, T-Bob's basketball team had another game.  The guys all gathered for prayer at the center court before the game.  Sportsmanship is really stressed in this league.

 T-Bob got to start again. He is becoming a good defensive player. He is the leading rebounder. 

Coach was not happy because the team was playing poorly.  They looked like they were sleepwalking and they kept turning the ball over.  It was pretty pathetic.  They didn't even get to take more than a shot or two in the first quarter.

The score at the end of the first quarter was 6-0.  They were losing.

The guys picked up the pace and at half time they were tied.

The other team had a lot more players, but that didn't make a difference as they still only had five guys on the court at a time.  They were a well coached team.

At the end of the third quarter the score was 22-21.  We were behind by one point.

My mom and dad came to the game.  It was nice to have some fans there!

Trevor was back from his trip and it made a big difference to have him play.  He is a good player!

 In the final quarter, the guys picked up the pace a bit more, started taking the ball to the hoop and making some foul shots.

Josh had a good game and made a few free throws.  Trevor fouled out half way through the fourth  quarter.  The other guys kept going and....

they ended up WINNING 35-29.  Everybody was very excited!

It was the first victory of the year for the team! Go Warriors!!!

You can tell that this little one has spent lots of time in a gym.  The noise doesn't bother her at all.  A full tummy and the quiet of JoAn's arms and she went right to sleep! (hey Sis, notice the sweater in this picture?!)

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