Saturday, December 21, 2013

Random Thoughts

This post is about life on the farm and what we have been up to...

This is what it looked like TWO days ago.  The snow was lovely and white.  Everything looked beautiful.  Then the temperature warmed up and the rain started and things changed!  Some pictures below will show you what I mean.

Elizabeth found a book on Irresponsible Science Experiments and being a good home schooler she decided to try some.  This was the one where you turn a rubber glove into a balloon filled with carbon dioxide.  Pretty Cool!

Meanwhile T-Bob was making Tuna melt nachos for lunch.  They were really tasty!  That is cheese on top.

We did get the Christmas tree up and decorated.  It looks really nice.  We have it in the living room.  We thought about putting it in the family room where it would get more viewing, but decided to put it a bit out of the way.  It fell down the first day, but it is better secured now.

Elizabeth has had a tummy flu and has been sleeping a lot.  She seems to be feeling better tonight.

Michelle decorated around the fireplace.  It looks so nice when it is burning.  We really enjoy sitting around and looking at it.

This is what it looks like today.  If this rain had been snow we would have about two feet of snow and not be going anywhere.  I am sure the merchants are glad it is rain and not snow.  There is a lot of shopping going on.  I only made one trip to the mall this Christmas season.  The weather has made the chickens happy.  They are once more outside looking for bugs.  (I know this is really random!)

The other evening we had the cousins over and Elizabeth did a photo shoot with the kids without any help.  T-Bob and the Car are buddies!  T-Bob went and put on a matching shirt to the little guy for the pictures.  T-Bob also did the Car's hair so he could look like a cool dude like T-Bob himself.

Elizabeth tried to take pictures of the cuzzes together, but that was a real challenge.  They were not super cooperative, but they had fun.

They liked doing silly faces better.

The Car kid decided to call for a ride and leave, so I will end these ramblings here.

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