Monday, December 9, 2013

Life on the Farm

Things are happening at the Red Barn Farm.  It is a quiet time of year as far as outside work goes, unless it snows.The kids have started school and are working hard to get caught up after our late start.  Thomas has been working hard on debate, as well as math and science.  This is his favorite spot to work.  

Michelle was working on her Christmas list.  Trying to figure out what she wants for the cousin exchange.  You have to pick something on Amazon when your cousin is purchasing from overseas.  What do you get the kids who have everything they want?  We are thinking of tying a red bow on the barn and calling it Christmas.

This is the window sill where all the flies come to die.  Not sure why, they come here to die.  In all the house this is the place.  No dead bugs anywhere else, but several here.  What's up with that?!!!

Elizabeth and Paul were outside cleaning up an hauling the stuff out to get taken care of.  Gotta kep the place looking good.

This is what they rigged up.

T-Bob was out monitoring the situation.  He is such a silly boy.  He had to keep shaking the snow out of his crocs.  I really am not sure why he thought that his crocs were the right footwear for working in the snow.  I thought he was smarter than that.

Paul attached the push cart to the ATV and away they went.  It was a good set up.

He was very happy to be out and about.

This is farm ingenuity.  Attach a board to the back of a push cart and all of a sudden you have a trailer.  It worked great and definitely required a lot less work.

The stark beauty of a winter day in Ohio.

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