Monday, July 20, 2009

Dallas the Dog

Introducing the newest member of ourHousehold: Dallas the Dog. He is 10 weeks old now and we have had him for 2 weeks. He is a black lab/hound mix. He was a rescue puppy. He trots around the back yard in a hound fashion - nose 2-3 inches off the ground.
Dallas is quickly becoming obedient. He will 'come', 'sit'. and 'stay'. He is still working on learning how to act on a leash. He has learned that sitting is the quickest way to get his food presented, along with a tilted head and sorrowful eyes. He doesn't bark, but has been known to howl to let us know he wasn't happy or if he hears someone playing the violin nearby. Our puppy is gaining and growing rapidly. He is gaining about 2 pounds a week.

Dallas is Michelle's dog. She is his mistress and he knows it. She feeds him and cleans up his messes. He will climb over obstacles to come when she calls, however he won't yet leave his food to 'come'.

Dallas is alert and intelligent. He has a calm demeanor but is still playful. He enjoys running around the backyard with the children. He does stay away from the "Mud Chef" though when she is cooking. His dog house is under construction. We are enjoying our outside dog.

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