Saturday, July 18, 2009

Honoring a Godly Woman

At the VBS closing program last night time was taken to honor a godly woman. This was the 40th year we had done a VBS and Cherry D. has participated every summer. She started off teaching the preschoolers and did that for many years. Children all over the community remember having Mrs. D as their preschool teacher at VBS. Her delightful Scottish brogue has enchanted us all. I know she has prayed for each one of us as young people and now as we are adults. Her most fervent prayers were first, for our salvation and then, for us to find a godly spouse. We all grew up measuring ourselves against her petite stature and we were sure we had arrived at a major achievement when we passed her up. But no matter how tall we got, she always treasured us as her 'wee ones'. She has been an example to me in her faithfulness in loving us all and in her prayers. Even when we felt like straying, her hugs expressed God's love to us and kept us persevering. She is a great encouragement to me. We knew she wasn't perfect but we always felt perfectly loved by her.

Karl R. Did the presentation, and noted, in his typical three point fashion with alliteration, her help, her hugs, and her happiness. What a heritage! Even now, as she has passed 80 years old, she was there at VBS every day helping the 'wee ones' make their crafts and then cleaning up. She is faithful. I have been truly blessed to know her and have her for an example in my life.
On a personal note: When I was growing up, my mom would be frequently incapacitated with low back pain and have to be on bed rest for 4-6 weeks at a time. Mrs. D would come over almost every week during that time and bring a meal and help us children clean up the house. She was a tough taskmistress and I wasn't very excited to see her come with her cleaning supplies (yes, I was lazy), but as an adult I know how helpful it was to my parents to not have to worry about that. It was a sacrifice for to come so often and she had her own house and family to take care of. But she did it and there was never a complaint. Thank-you Auntie Cheerio for your ministry to our family.

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  1. A beautiful tribute to a godly woman. I too have been blessed by her life and example. Thanks for including this in your blog.