Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Afternoon at the Park

At the park, they have this sign posted on the ramp going into the playground area. My boys refuse to use it. They say that they aren't qualified. They will go to great lengths to get into the play area without using the ramp. Silly Boys!

T-Bob does well on the monkey bars. Elizabeth is starting to get the hang of them also.

Dallas just sat and watched the children play.

Dallas did get some leash training. He wasn't real excited about it. The children are working on teaching him that he is to follow and be a good pack member, but that he is NOT the leader of the pack.

He still kept trying to sneak into the lead. (Where is Michelle's other leg?, Didn't know we had a one legged girl, Pretty strange)

This is the man with the energy to take us all to the park. If it was up to me, we probably would have just stayed home. It is so much nicer at the park though. Lots of room to run! Aerobie Flying Rings are a blast. Like a frisbee, but they go a LOT farther! A little more challenging to control, especially on a windy day. They can easily travel 150-200 feet. Even when thrown by a 9 year old. I was out there tossing them around also. I decided I really could use the exercise.

T-Bob is the guy who would play all day long. He is perpetual energy. He is very coordinated. He is a lot of fun to play with.

Elizabeth got involved with the flying discs too. She enjoys playing with the big kids. She really likes playing with her Daddy. He was working with her on how to throw and catch. She did catch a couple.

Some she missed and had to run after and fetch.
It was a delightful day and a beautiful setting, Lots of green grass, bright sunshine and a cool breeze to keep us comfortable. It was so nice to spend the afternoon as a family. We did miss JoAn and Paul as they are off at camp for a week as Counsellors. I thank the Lord for the children He has blessed us with and for such a wonderful husband.

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