Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ice Cream Social

Our local community has an ice cream social at the library every year. This is the man that brought our family there. He is such a good daddy. He believes that "life is short - eat dessert first." We actually did go for ice cream before we ate supper. Not so much because of any philosophical premise, but more because I hadn't gotten supper made, and if we didn't go then, it would be over before we made supper and finished eating. We barely made it before it closed as it was ( I am ashamed to admit that it went until 8 PM).
T-Bob enjoyed his chocolate mint.

Elizabeth was the only one who managed to make hers last awhile. I guess she wasn't as starving as the rest.

There were all kinds of activities for the children. This is Safety Pup he teaches the children at Safety Town. There was also a barred owl, a skunk, and a snake from the local nature center. The children were able to pet them. They had Clifford the Big Red Dog there to play and dance with the children. We enjoyed looking at everything.

Thomas was the only one that chose Cookie Dough flavor ice cream instead of the chocolate mint.
I am feeling a little uncomfortable with the last two posts. It makes our family look like the sugar junkies we aren't. I tell people all the time that they should avoid sugar. Here I am showing my family eating sugar two posts in a row. Two thoughts: 1. "Pizza with friends is better than salad alone" 2. "If you eat right 90+% of the time your body can handle the occasional indiscretion, assuming you don't have a serious health condition." Incidentally, there are no pictures of me eating ice cream. I merely stole a couple bites from the children. It was nice to have an outing as a family. Oh yes, I did go home then and make supper for the family.

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  1. ha ha. we did the same thing...ice cream first and then dinner. but we were there at 6 p.m. so that's why you didn't see us!