Saturday, July 25, 2009

Davis and Christina

Our dear friend, Davis, brought his bride of 6 weeks, Christina, to come meet his other family. She is a peach. He met her down in Texas. I am so happy for them both. While they were visiting we had planned a reception for friends to gather and celebrate.

It was an appetizer and dessert reception. My friend, Mindy, did all the decorating along with some help from Christa on the flowers. It was beautiful. We even incorporated the leftover decorations from VBS. We had done a Outerspace theme for that, so there was lots of stars and black sky on the walls and ceiling. It was very romantic.

My two sisters were there with their families as well.

Elizabeth took a turn holding the youngest guest, my niece, Sadie. She is a sweetheart and a really good baby for my sister Anita.

Here is the bridal couple in all their post wedding finery. It was a lovely evening.


  1. hey, i'm innocent. how come my identity is not being protected?

  2. Someone once said that comments are like "paychecks" for bloggers, so I thought I'd set the example and leave you one. I'm looking forward to keeping up with you a bit in blog-land, especially after we return to Mexico.