Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flat Tire

This is not 'just a flat tire', this is an opportunity for our new drivers to practice and demonstrate their tire changing skills.
JoAn and Paul demonstrated teamwork as they efficiently took care of changing it. I only had to supervise and encourage. Fortunately, we had a good spare in the back. Thanks, Honey.

If you have to have a flat, down at the beach is a pretty nice place. So much better than a highway or busy road with no shoulder. There was a pleasant breeze to cool them as they worked.

It really only took them about fifteen minutes to get the job done. I feel much better about them driving around without me, now that I know that they can take care of it themselves. They did a great job.

All done and ready to roll!
This week our computer also had a rough week. We had a major update on the system and suddenly the mouse and keyboard stopped working. This made blogging very difficult. The boys figured out how to use the electronic mouse from the laptop so we could at least navigate. A young man from Church, Dan, came over and helped us work out the issues, and now it is happy again. It is really nice to have helpful and skilled young people around.

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