Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dallas. The BAD and the good

Dallas is such a friendly dog, he loves greeting the neighbors when they return from a short vacation.
He likes to run around the yard and play with the children. Mostly he is a good puppy. BUT, the other day when Elizabeth was home alone with Mom she went out and played with him and he followed her into the house. A real NO NO. He is NOT allowed in the house. Michelle had made a special treat to take to the church potluck that evening. It was cooling on the dining room table. Dallas thought we had made it for him.

He put his paws up on the table and started having a snack. I was down in the basement when I heard Elizabeth shrieking hysterically that Dallas was eating the cake. By the time I got up there he was hiding under the kitchen table. He knew he was in trouble. I opened the back door and gave him a swat on his rump as he hurdled by.

This is Dallas with his 'blankie'. He drags it around the yard all day long. He won't go to sleep without it. He likes to keep it in the sun. It is more comfortable to lie on than the dirt.

Below are some videos of Dallas waiting for the ball to be thrown to him and then running to fetch it. HE spends a lot of time doing this. He does wait quietly for the ball to be thrown.

The videos are backwards. I still can't always figure the correct way to upload all these things. Note Dallas nodding and shaking his head as he answers the questions correctly. :-)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA. My dog once ate an entire pan of apple squares I had just sort of invented... they were soooo good and I've never been able to replicate them... arrrrggg but my dog still loves apples to this very day so I guess it's not so bad