Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friends Visiting

Our good friends visited us on Sunday evening. They were driving from their parents home in MI to their own place in NC. They have 3 darling children. This is their baby Lily. She is 15 weeks old and is a real snuggler. We ladies really enjoyed holding her.

This is their 2 year old son Isaac. He is a real sweet energetic boy. He talks up a storm and is very friendly. Their oldest son, Reuben, 4, somehow missed the camera. I think he was moving too fast. They are really a neat family.

Jeremy is a very tall (6' 8") coast guard guy. He is an excellent Dad who spends a lot of time with his boys.

Faith and Jeremy moved to Cleveland when Jeremy was stationed here about 6 years ago. They lived here for 2 years. They left just after Reuben was born. Elizabeth and he are only a week a part. They are doing an excellent job as parents. Faith was homeschooled and plans to do the same with their children. It is neat to see the growth in their life.

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