Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dallas the Dog gets a New House

NO, we are not sending Dallas to a different home, we are merely working on building his new house.

Dallas is an outdoor dog and he needs his own place. He weighs about 23# now. He loves running around the back yard and fetching. Thomas is planning on training him to hunt. He went after a squirrel and a groundhog in the last couple days.

The Boss is building Dallas a classical doghouse with the special feature of a hinged roof. That way we can open it up and clean it out and in the winter we can insulate the walls. Don't want our puppy to be uncomfortable. We still need to paint the outside and make it pretty. The roof will get some shingles as well.

Pretty Fancy! Thanks darling for an excellent job!

We'll show you some pix when it is finished.


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