Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What can you do with Grandparents?

Elizabeth is a veteran game player and really enjoyed playing card games with Grandma and Grandpa. She loved the attention.
She also really likes doing puzzles. Grandma helped her with this one, which is tougher than it looks. Many of the pieces have the exact same shape. Very challenging!
If you can get both grandparents playing Go Fish with you at the same time, that's even better. Michelle and T-Bob were also involved in this game.

T-Bob, Michelle and Elizabeth had great fun stacking these trolls as Grandpa supervised.

Michelle served yet another "Anna-mated" dessert. Grandpa has lost his sense of smell, but he can still taste sweetness. Yummy. Grandma had taken her to the store to buy all the ingredients. Grandma has a sweet tooth also.

The children all enjoyed hearing Grandma and Grandpa's stories from their life in Arizona as well as from their younger days.

JoAn spent quite a bit of time playing hymns which we all enjoyed. She is really coming along well with her piano skills. She would also spend time almost every day reciting to Grandma her memory work. She went through the book of Romans and several other books. It was an encouragement to both of them.
It was a challenge keeping the children quieter than usual, minimizing the boy's rowdiness, and trying to keep all background noise to a dull roar. Grandma's hearing aids pick up all that noise and they are no longer used to the high energy of a houseful of active children. It was worth it. We are so blessed to have parents/grandparents living and with sharp minds who love us and encourage us in the Lord. God is good, All the time.
PS Congratulations to our nephew Andy on his recent engagement!!

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