Thursday, September 24, 2009

Garden Update

LAte summer and early fall are a great time to replant and update in the garden. We cleaned out the beds and took out the things that were no longer producing. The boys tilled the soil and mixed in more topsoil. We replanted the lettuce.

We don't like radishes much, however they grow so well and so quickly. We can't resist them. They are very healthy for you and I keep hoping that I will learn to like them. So far it is not working. So our friends that do like them get to eat them. You could still plant them in September.

These are the peas we planted. Peas love cold weather. They are growing like crazy since I took this picture. They can grow an inch or two a day with enough water and sun.

We replanted them where the cucumbers were. Beans and peas are good at putting nitrogen back in the soil. As of today the peas had reached the fencing which is a good 6 inches above the soil.

I wanted to report that our tomatoes did eventually ripen and they taste delicious. The golden cherry tomato plants are about 12 feet high. This artistic tomato photo was taken by Michelle, the official blog photographer. She also took the picture on the banner of our blog.


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