Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manly Men and a Wee Helper

The Mangos have a very congested front yard. Between vehicles, gardens,shrubbery, and a large driveway everything has to earn it's place. The crab apple didn't make the cut this fall. It is in the way for our auxiliary parking space as well as shading the 2 smaller fruit trees we planted this spring. We only got wormy crab apples that we never used and it made a big mess. Michelle was upset to lose the beautiful flowers and the symmetry with the neighbors lawn. They also have a crab apple on the opposite of the property line in the same location. We felt her pain, but it wasn't enough to sway the judge's decision.

T-Bob and Thomas started in with the little hatchet. They were given basic instruction on tool usage as well as how to aim a tree to get it to fall where they wanted.

They worked diligently at chopping the trunk. This was a job they could get into. I think they were relating to George Washington, No Lie! They were excited to have such a manly man task.

With such a little hatchet they were able to stretch this chore out and smile while they did. The boys were taking dominion over the earth. A biblical concept.

They decided this side branch must come off before the trunk could be attacked on this side. Whoopee, more chopping required!

The boys promised me that this was a poised picture. They would never let a four year old girl swing a hatchet and cut up a tree. I was a bit relieved. We let our children do a lot, but I wasn't totally comfortable with this being an action shot.

They worked hard for at least 45 minutes until that old tree submitted.

Victory at last!

The neighbor boy came over to commend them. No one was excited about cutting the branches up and tying them for the trash man. They did have to hurry and cut it small enough so that the motor vehicles could get through. A rain storm and a desire to go somewhere in the car are good motivators. Good work Men!

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