Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autumn Gardening

This post is to show you what is still growing in our garden in the middle of November after several hard frosts. The brussel sprouts are doing dandy. We leave them in the garden until we are ready to eat them or until freezing weather comes.

Some late broccoli will continue to grow until it matures or until the deep snow comes. Whichever happens first

The red cabbage is ready, but this is another one we leave out in the garden until we need it. Today we made a very yummy sweet and sour red cabbage dish to go with our roast beef. I shredded the cabbage and added chopped apple, chopped onion and cooked it in apple cider. I then added some clove and apple cider vinegar and maple syrup and let it simmer. Delicious!

The turnips are still forming up, but we can always just use the greens if we want to. They like cool weather.

Parsley will keep growing and you can pick it right through the snow. Some of the other herbs are still producing (thyme and sage). Like to have those fresh herbs to use in the kitchen.

Now these peas were planted too late and won't produce anything. I left them there because I like the spring green of peas against the autumn brown. Plus, I want to see how far they will grow. More simple things that please me.



  1. Hi! :) Thanks so much for the mail that arrived yesterday. Judah was so excited about the pictures and I enjoyed the letters :)

    I don't think I have ever seen how Brussels sprouts grow before the picture you posted - that's really neat! Thanks for educating me :)

  2. You're welcome.
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