Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting in Art and Writing

One thing I am trying, in our push to write more, is to have the children write a description of a piece of art work. I ask them to describe the picture to someone who can't see it. At some point I would think it fun to have them write a description of a painting in a book and have the other children try and pick it out. Another thought would be to have the other children draw a picture based on the description. This painting is from N.C. Wyeth's book of book illustrations.
Chance: There is a building with a lot of people standing on it. There is a man wearing a hat with three yellow stripes. The building is mostly white. There is a man smoking. There is a woman wearing a pretty hat. A lot of the people are wearing hats. The building is two stories high. There are two smokestacks.
T-Bob: There is a man in the picture smoking. It looks like there is a ferry in the background named the Prairie Belle. There is a woman who has a hat with a flower on it. I see two smokestacks puffing out steam. Multiple men are wearing top hats. The captain is up in the bridge staring out. There is railings on the ship to help so people don't fall out that much. On the lower deck of the ship there are supplies. One of the men in the top hats has a cane.
Thomas: This painting's focal point is a roughneck pipe smoker. He is wearing a plaid shirt. He has a conductor's cap on top of his tousled brown hair. One of his hands is holding a pipe. The other hand is on his hip. He has a sour expression on his face.
There are two people standing a little to the left of him. They appear to be a lady and a gentleman. The man is wearing a top hat. He is holding a carpet bag with roses on it. He has a suit on. The lady is wearing a hat with flowers. Her clothes consist of a blouse, skirt and vest. She has black gloves on. They are both looking disdainfully at the first man.
There is a steamer in the background called the Prairie Belle. It is a white ship with two decks. It also has two smokestacks.
Brook: There are about 14 people in the picture. The sky is a brilliant blue. There are people on a boat. The boat is called "Prairie Belle" . The boat has three decks. There is a man smoking a pipe. He has a captain's hat, so he may be the captain. There is a lady with a fancy hat looking at him. She has black gloves. She is standing with a gentleman with a black top hat and fancy clothes. He has a long walking stick. He is carrying a bag with roses on it. There are two smokestacks. There is a man on the bridge. There is a gold bird on the roof. There is a thing on the other side, perhaps it is the horn. The man and lady are looking at the man out of the corner of their eyes. The man smoking has a blue and white checkered shirt. It looks dirty. He has big rough hands. He also has a mustache.
Michelle: In this picture is a guy smoking in front of Prairie Belle the steam boat. He is wearing a blue checker shirt. He has a captain's cap on. A guy in a top hat is glaring at him. There is also a woman in am expensive hat staring at him. There are two smokestacks on the Prairie Belle. The captain's looking down from the bridge. There are 13 people in this painting. This is a white steamship with two decks. On the first deck is a rich family. On the second deck is three slaves stacking barrels. There is a bale of cotton in the front of the picture. The sky is a very pretty blue. There is a railing on all the decks.
Mr. Boots: The main focus is on an unkempt man in a checkered coat. The man is smoking and the boat is smoking too. In the background is a virago who is gossiping to her husband. They are all on the wharf. The Prairie Belle, A rear wheel steam boat, is in dock. It is white and is made of wood. It has two stories and a pilot's house. It takes the whole back of the painting.
There are people on deck. In all there are 13 people in the painting. On the lower deck three slaves are loading the ship.
The main focus has a glove on one hand, but not the other. He also has bad posture. He looks to be at home in a bar. The man is definitely out of place here.
The painting is oil on canvas and measures 32 1/2" by 25 1/2". It was drawn by N.C. Wyeth.
I like how there personalities and interests come out in their writings. We will see how there writings improve throughout the year. You can read along with me.

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