Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Saturday

Mr. Meehling is staying with us for the month of November. We are so happy to have him here with us. He is a great example of godly living and staying the course. He is 91 now and lives in Seattle, but he likes to come visit. He was our neighbor until 18 months ago, but he has known our family for years and years. I think he even attended my parents wedding. He does calisthenics and takes long walks (3-5 miles) every day. His mind is real sharp too.

Saturday was really nice and warm. The high was about 70 degrees. We used the beautiful weather to clean out the garden. We pulled all the beans, tomato, and dead basil plants. I will do a garden Post soon and show you what we still have growing.

Mr. Boots did bicycle maintenance. We need to have a few more bikes going.

Thomas was giving Dallas some attention.

Elizabeth was enjoying wearing just a short sleeve shirt without a sweater being needed.

We had a late fall picnic. It was great! No bugs. They have all been frosted. What a great day.

Our woodpile hasn't started shrinking yet. We are enjoying hearing Mr. M's stories. He can tell stories about his dad and the civil war. He remembers, and not with fondness, all the antics of FDR. His attempts to federalize all the utilities ( Starting with the Tennessee Valley Authority), His increase of the Supreme Court to get his own way, and the large amount of socialists/communists he included in his administration. Sound familiar?

Here's a picture of Mr. Boots, not wearing boots. It does happen on occasion. We are enjoying our Indian Summer. Do you know why they call it that?


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