Monday, November 30, 2009

Elizabeth's Fifth Birthday

Time speeds by so quickly. In this picture Elizabeth is about 18 months old. Today she is five. She is growing so well, inside and out. She is a delight to our family.

Saturday we had Elizabeth's birthday dinner. We chose Saturday as Mr. Boots left to go hunting yesterday and VERY early this morning Mr. Meehling left to fly back to Seattle. We wanted everybody to be here to celebrate. Elizabeth had the special birthday plate and her own goblet.

We enjoyed baked potatoes, steak from our steer, hot homemade applesauce, and scallops in a garlic, spinach cream sauce. A twist on surf and turf. This meal was Elizabeth's choice. I have got to stop raising such 'foodies'.

Everybody really enjoyed the meal.

Michelle made Elizabeth a doll cake. Grandma R. told her how to do it and gave her the doll topper. She did a great job. Elizabeth helped.

Elizabeth was very pleased with how it all turned out.

We are taking the day off school in honor of dear Elizabeth.


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