Monday, November 30, 2009

Mango's Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day at the Mango's started with dinner being planned for 2:30 PM. Of course, all participants KNEW that meant that we would sit down and eat at 3 at the earliest. As long as everyone understands. Now, when people start stretching that to 3:10 or later..... that's another story.

Mom and Dad worked hard at carving the turkey. It was a moist delicious bird - free range and all that. Mom baked the turkey and the stuffing and made the gravy.

The turkey was flying!

The Morris men enjoyed reading some funny stories as they awaited dinner. Have you ever read the book 'I Fail to Miss your Point'? It is really hilarious. A lot of classic stories and facts.

I forgot to take pictures before we started eating. This is what it looked like when we are done. Yes, we had more than enough food. Very traditional meal.

Kathy enjoyed the conversation.

Todd always tells good stories.

The Sorta Teens (12-34) had their own table in the living room.

After dinner we enjoyed a hymn sing. Don and Nathan played their guitars.

The people on the couch sang.

JoAn got her violin out.

So did Mr. Boots. He has a wonderful ability to play by ear.

After singing, the games came out. Settlers of Catan is a favorite. After this we had a giant game of Taboo. I think there were 18 people playing.

With the arrival of dessert, the newspaper ads came out so the Black Friday shoppers could plan their route.

I am not sure if Anita was a shopper or merely an ad peruser.

My Mom's ribbon cookies are the best! I restrained myself and only ate about 7 halves. Michelle kept giving me a half of hers. I skipped the rest of the dessert. They looked yummy, but I didn't need them.

The children had a wonderful time playing. Katrina and Michelle found my camera and took a bunch of goofie pictures. Katrina is not shy. She likes a camera.

The day gradually wound down and people started to leave as their children got tired and it was bedtime. Danny gave Mr. Boots some hints on the guitar. It was a wonderful day.

Thank-you Lord!



  1. Psst...Renee is only 33.

  2. Yeah and Heidi is 13. So the Sorta Teen table was really 13-33. Oh well.