Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Brunch

Thanksgiving in Ohio. The leaves are off the trees and the bare look of winter has set in. We have not had any snow that sticks on the ground yet.
Our tradition on Thanksgiving is to go to church for a Thanksgiving brunch. On of the families organizes it and does much of the food prep. The rest of us pitch in with the side dishes. It is always a special time. Most of the college students are home and people are in visiting. One gets to see friends that we haven't seen in awhile.

Plus, the food is yummy!! This year they served breakfast burritos, sausage and gravy as well as fresh fruit and lots of muffins and breads and other good things. This year the local on duty firemen showed up and joined us. They came in the ambulance and firetruck. They had to be ready to go out if they were called.

Baby Sadie just keeps growing and doing more things. She is doing a lot of chewing. She is a contented baby although she rarely smiles.

After eating we all go in the big room and sit in a circle and share what we are thankful for this year. The circle sure has grown a lot over the last 42 years. Mr. Meehling and his wife Betty started this tradition back in 1967. The Markoviches took over once the Meehlings were unable to do it. It was special to have Mr. Meehling able to attend again this year. It is a real labor of love. The meeting ended as promised by 11 AM. That is also traditional.
Nathan and Anita, and Mom and Dad, it is really nice to have almost all our family come. It is so important to stop and thank God for His blessings to us. I get really aggravated when people call it 'Turkey Day'. Turkey is not what the day is about. Especially, in these somewhat challenging times, we have much to learn and much to rejoice in and even more to thank God for.

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