Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Carol Writing Assignment

The children prefer creative writing assignments, and when I can I try to be creative and think of some. My latest brain storm was to have the children incorporate at least 5 Christmas carol titles in their writing assignments. I gave them a list and they could use others that they knew. Here are a couple that were done. I present them youngest to eldest authors.

T-Bob Wrote:

One Christmas day a farmer was caroling. When he came home his cows were singing 'Oi Low Joyfully'. His sleigh horses were singing 'Jingle Bells'.
When he went into the house, his children said, "'Joy to the World,' Daddy's home."
He went to feed the sheep the next morning and there was a huge commotion among the ewes. He asked them what it was all about. They said there was a new adorable ram 'in yonder stall'. He said, " I bought him for you."
"Whose flock is he from?" they asked.
He said, "'From Jesse's stock upbringing.'"
They said, "Thank-you!"
The farmer and his animals had a great Christmas.

The End

Michelle wrote:

Joy to the World

She listened to the birds singing. It was 'joy to the world'. She was thinking about the 'silent night' that they would enjoy that evening, when she suddenly heard 'jingle bells'.
"Visitors", she shouted.
She heard her dad tell them to bring their horses into the barn.
Then she heard them yell, "Who is he in yonder stall?"
"I forgot about the lamb." Dad said.
She went down to welcome her Aunt and Uncle. Her Aunt was talking about the great time they would have singing "Hark the Herald Angels sing" as they danced around the Christmas tree. She just loved Christmas, she thought as she went in to help her mom.
"What a great Christmas this will be," She said.

Mr. Boots wrote:

'It came upon a midnight clear' that John and his father Bill were travelling home from work. They stopped at a rest stop to use the facilities.
John asked, "Who is he in yonder stall?"
His father replied, "That's Warren Henderson."
They talked along time until they remembered why they were there.
On the way out, Bill called out,"John, 'thou didst leave thy throne'?"
John replied, "Here I am," and they went back to the truck.
It was Christmas eve and on the way home they sang "Joy to the World".
When they got home Bill called out, "Bring the torch, Jeanette Isabella". She brought the light and on the front walk there was an inebriated lady.
The lady kept saying, "I saw three ships, I saw three ships, I saw three ships." They finally got her quieted down and it became a 'silent night'.
Bill asked his daughter,"Janette, do you know who we saw tonight?
"No", she replied.
"We saw Warren Henderson."

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