Friday, December 18, 2009

Dallas and the Photo Shoot

Dallas was allowed in the house for a brief while to participate in the photo shoot. He behaved pretty well. Isn't this a charming group?

Dallas is Michelle's dog. Aren't they a cute team? She is doing a good job with his training.

Dallas got tired of all the photo business and was very happy just enjoying the 'warmth' of the house. I say 'warmth' because it really is relative. We are still waiting for a part for the basement wood stove and so we only have one space heater to warm the first floor. Most winter days it is in the fifties in the living room or dining room. You get used to it after awhile. We wear lots of sweaters and long johns. We will have plenty of wood this winter as we have only been able to burn the with the one stove so far. The upstairs bedrooms are warm, so if you come for an overnight visit, you won't suffer too badly.

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