Saturday, December 12, 2009

City Nature News

In the last month or so there have been quite a few nature sightings out of our school room window or in our yard. Unfortunately, I don't usually have a camera at the ready so I haven't been able to document them.
Let me tell you about them.
1) The children were outside after dark with flashlights and spotted the greenish eyes of a flying squirrel. They were able to watch him glide several times as they watched. Eventually, they lost him. They did try and photograph it with the infra-red lens, but we can't see it. It still was a neat looking night shot of the tree in the back yard.
2) Jacob was out hunting during bow season, and about 10:30 in the morning we watched a 6 point buck walk down the busy street in front of our house on the sidewalk. We see does fairly often, but this was the first time we saw the buck. It was rutting season. Jacob did get two small bucks during gun season. He traded one to his Grandpa for a bigger doe. My parents prefer the young tender small deer.
3) Another morning as we were schooling we watched a big red tailed hawk came down and get a red squirrel. It was a little morbid as we watched him immobilize and kill the squirrel before he flew off. The other squirrel sat right above him in the tree and scolded the whole time. The hawk took a little while to get airborne with such a heavy load. There are several nesting pairs in our neighborhood. They do keep the squirrel and rabbit population down. I appreciate not having rabbits in the garden. There are still a fair number of squirrels around, although maybe not by spring. It is rather sad to see the consequences of sin in the nature world too.
You don't have to live in the country to study nature.

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