Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lily Update and other News

Our friend Lily is doing quite well. She has started the more intensive physical therapy as an outpatient. They are working at mobilizing the ankle before she can start weight bearing. The ankle is still swollen and very tender if it gets bumped. She is planning on returning to school after Christmas break. She was able to play her violin at the school Christmas concert. She is pretty spunky. Please keep praying that the ankle heals well and she is able to use it in a normal manner.

The other big news is that My Hubby's sister Susan and her husband Guy had a little boy Josef William on Wednesday. This is their first boy after three girls. Everyone is doing well. Guy is going to be able to stay home for two weeks to help which is great. Pray for Susan as well. Her family is busy and she is not a young mama anymore. Don't have any pictures yet.

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