Monday, December 14, 2009

King of Clean - A Manly Man

Thomas is my 'King of Clean' He is efficient and thorough when it comes to getting a job done right (when he's motivated). I really appreciate this about him. He has his daddy's efficiency when it comes to work. He is a willing worker especially to escape boredom or to earn a reward.
I rarely have problems with his quality of work.
The other day Thomas came into the family room and announced that the children's toilet was blocked and wouldn't flush. I asked him what happened and he said with some embarrassment that he had 'deposited something in there'. My mind immediately went scatological, and Mr. Boots and I told him to get the plunger and use that. Mr. Boots even gave him precise instructions in how to get something to move along. (Spoken from experience, perhaps?) Thomas came back several minutes later and announced that the problem was worse and the obstruction had only scooted further in. HMMMM. Thinking this an odd statement, I asked him what the precise nature of the obstruction was. He told me that the end of the toilet brush had fallen off and was now stuck in the toilet. I asked him why he hadn't said that in the beginning and then told him that he needed to go and immediately fish it out. "With what?" He asked. "With your skinny arms." I replied. He wasn't sure about that. I told him that numerous studies had concluded that the inside of toilets were more pristine than many ice machines and to get to work. He stared at me and went off shaking his head. He could tell by my tone of voice that there was no point in arguing.

He rolled up his sleeves. ( See how nice a job he had already done cleaning it?)

And went fishing. Reaching down and in as far as he could until...

Success was obtained.
I really am not sure how he managed to break off the brush or how far down he had that thing to get it stuck, but I am sure it was rarely cleaner.
Maybe those cleaning books I have assigned my children (boys and girls) to read are paying off.

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