Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mr. Boots is Funny, plus other things

Tonight at dinner, Mr. Boots made the following droll remark to his dad, "But Dad, what if there were no hypothetical situations?"
I know the line isn't original, but the timing, situation and delivery were perfect.
I am behind a bit in my posting. We had a wonderful weekend in Michiana for a Bible conference on Family Life. (Unfortunately, we forgot the camera at home). It was excellent and we had a good visit with friends. I will post a few things that really impressed me from the teaching in the next few days. Without my weekend planning time I have started the week a bit behind the eight ball. I am running to catch up. I am needed right now to go help Mr. Boots trim the fat from his venison. Sounds like a potentially interesting post. Stay tuned.
P.S. The above picture is Mr. Boots holding cousin Sadie on Thanksgiving.

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