Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hot House

The red stove in the basement has exceeded its statue of limitations. We have spent the last three months waiting for different parts to arrive. The stove will work fine when the parts arrive, that's why we have patiently frozen in the house for the last 3 months. We had a different wood stove in the garage just sitting there unused, but the thought of switching stoves was rather unpleasant. They weigh about 600# and they have to go to the basement. DH and Mr. Boots combined weight is about 270 #. They have to be smarter rather than work harder. Here's how they did it.....

DH put his work planks on the stairs. Then they moved the stove via a dolly over by the stairs onto a 3/4" piece of plywood. They slid the piece of wood and stove onto the planks and using ropes they pulled it down. I thought it might just slide easily down a ramp this steep, but the heavy weight of it made it that the stove required a lot of force to get it to move down. It cleared the ceiling by about an 1/8". They moved a heavy set of drawers for the planks and then the stove to set on. It is something that my hubby built for the garage.
I was late getting my camera out and didn't get any pictures until the stove was at the bottom. I couldn't convince the guys to do a re-enactment. Wonder why....

This is a cast iron stove which is why it is so heavy. They took of all the parts they could to make it as light as possible. Here it is on its platform. Needless to say OSHA was not a party to this project.

They turned it around on its piece of plywood and started the big slide to where it belonged.

They had to make sure that it first sat on some 6x6" beams so they could reattach the legs without having to lift and hold it.

A lot of thought went into planning this step by step so it didn't get stuck or injure anyone.

This was a good manly man project. It required more brains than brawn. They got the legs back on.

Then JoAn came along and helped Mr. Boots put all the pieces and parts back on the stove.

Success was obtained. We had a hot fire on the hearth. The basement was soon toasty and gradually the first floor has warmed as well. We can no longer store the milk on the kitchen counter and not have it go sour. I can't see my breath any more in the living room and the snow has melted off the Christmas tree. I am seeing sweaters lying around and I think T-Bob is only wearing 5 or 6 layers instead of 8 or 9. Guests no longer have to step outside to warm up. It's a beautiful thing.

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